Thursday, January 17, 2013

Notes on a Speech... (this was written with a green pen)

So... about that Claire Danes' Golden Globe speech Sunday night...

For reference, here it is again:

My initial reaction:

Clearly I was fixated on the fact that she had a CHILD less than FOUR WEEKS ago, so I didn't yet appreciate the brilliance of her speech.

Then this:

And now this, hat tip to Amos Barshad at Grantland:

"Clairie Mathidanes, Method Agent 
What must have been going through the minds of the venerable members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association when Claire Danes swiftly power-walked onstage to collect her award for playing Carrie Mathison, and then indeed began to channel Carrie Mathison? Did they feel at all silly for voting for a performance that is, quite possibly, plucked effortlessly from the burbling stream of mania apparently omnipresent somewhere just below Claire's surface-level behavioral patterns? Or was the HFPA internally slow-clapping for the fact that Claire Danes has chosen to live her life in character? Me, I'm saying the latter. When Danes really got going, and started dropping Carrie-ism after Carrie-ism — the "in this medium in this moment in this company" [finger point, swallow]; the "such brave choices so relentlessly" [arguable seduction face]; the "and we're all better for it" [deep breath deep breath] — I got sucked right back into the unceasing whiplashing insanity of Homeland S2. A season's worth of virtuoso crazy-person shit, stuffed into a neat minute and a half."

Slow-clap, indeed.

Next we'll find out that Damian Lewis was also channeling Brody and that whole British accent was actually just his newly acquired disguise meant to trick people into thinking that he's not actually "that ginger terrorist." (So, if you're keeping score, he was Brody acting like someone other than Brody. It was Brody-ception.)

(I obviously spent way too much time thinking about this, but Jodie Foster's speech is still making my head hurt and this is like Jodie-lite level stuff. Also, of course I just wanted to use the tag "claire danes being awesome" again.)


  1. your love for television has kept me really entertained these last few months. now I need you to find me something new to watch!

  2. clearly i'm out of the loop, i just saw her picture and LOVED her dress, no idea she'd just had a baby-guess i need to get out more?